Performing the Gospel

Performing the Gospel

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    Performance is a time-honoured way of thinking about what a Christian congregation does when it gathers. Christian services typically set out to have us take part in the great Divine drama that revolves around Jesus Christ. But what really matters about how we perform the gospel in church, and beyond? This is what this book sets out to explore.


    In an era when the choices of worship style are often presented as polar opposites to prove a point, Charles Sherlock offers a refreshing alternative to blind conservatism or deconstructionism... I’m looking forward to parishes, theological colleges and worship committees to take up the challenge that is laid out... It deserves wide attention.
    -- From the foreword by Archbishop Philip Freier

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    Title: Performing the Gospel in liturgy and lifestyle

    Author: Charles Sherlock

    ISBN: 9780987045867

    Publisher: Broughton Publishing

    Date: 2017

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