Pope Francis Takes the Bus


    Whether he is whipping up a Sunday supper as rector of a seminary, organising a baptism party for a poor family as their pastor, riding a bus as the archbishop of Buenos Aires, or paying his own bill as the newly elected pope, the actions of this Jesuit priest reveal him to be a spiritual son of St Francis, building up the Church and the people of God out of love for Christ. Each of these eighty short stories will inspire you to "get on the bus" and live your faith a little more joyfully each day.

    Rosario Carello is a popular Italian religious journalist and radio personality. He founded the weekly In His Image newspaper in 2009, and has been writing a commentary on Pope Francis' weekly Angelus messages since 2013.


    Title: Pope Francis Takes the Bus - and other unexpected stories

    Author: Rosario Carello

    ISBN: 9781632531308

    Publisher: Servant - An inprint of Franciscan Media

    Date: 2016