Quiet Place Within

Quiet Place Within

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    A Quiet Place Within is a collection of short reflections and poems that anyone - young and old, religious or spiritual - can read, reflect upon and absorb even amid the humdrum and busyness of everyday life. The writings are the result of years of praying, reflecting and contemplating on the ordinary experiences of life as well as the social and political issues of the day.  Most of all, they reflect the author's awareness of the delicate and gentle presence of the Divine within one's heart and soul.

    The author acknowledges that a gift with words is a special grace in his life, a precious gift because he believes that such words - expressed as reflections or as poems represent bread for his journey and the fruits fo a reflective life.

    He asserts the centrality of serious, daily reflections because he believes that without reflection, life is no longer worth living.  Yet he acknowledges that reflection is not done only through our own ability and effort; it is always a gifted grace in which one sees everything in the light of God and understands everything according to the Spirit. 

    This book is offered as a practical help for the reflective life of the reader, not only for Christians but for anyone who searches for meaning and purpose in their everyday life; and for those who genuinely want to discover fresh ways of affirming the presence of God in our world.

  • Details

    Title: A Quiet Place Within: Contemplation from the Heart
    Author:Khoi Doan Nguyen MSC
    ISBN: 9780648230342
    Publisher: Coventry
    Date: 2019

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