Reinventing Church

Reinventing Church


    Reinventing Church is a story of hope in the context of change, loss, and sadness. Four Anglican communities of faith in Tasmania, Australia (New Norfolk, Channel/Cygnet, St Helens, and Hamilton) faced long-standing decline and the possibility of closure.  Instead, they chose to adopt a new type of ministry called “Enabler Supported Ministry” where local Christians voluntarily take on the work of parish ministry. In so doing, they forged a new future for themselves. This study is unique in revealing a hopeful alternative to the story of decline common to many Christian parishes in Australia, both rural and urban, and from all denominations. Something different, positive and healthy can be created for both the parish and the wider community. This is a story of how choosing and implementing a different model of being church produced hope.


    Title: Reinventing Church Stories of hope from four Anglican parishes

    Author: James Collins, Helen Collins and Douglas Ezzy

    ISBN: 9780994470737

    Publisher: Morning Star Publishing

    Date: 2016

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