Revenge of the Flower Arrangers

Revenge of the Flower Arrangers

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    Dave Walker, cartoonist, cyclist, web editor and former church and youth worker is the UK'S most shrewd observer of the eccentricities of church life.

    His distinctive Guide to the Church cartoons appear weekly in the Church Times, and have made their way into books and calendars, and on to mugs, tea-towels and T-shirts.

    This seventh collection includes, among other things: The secrets of the cake stall, Automation possibilities in the parish church, A 'How to spot a new curate' bingo card, Alternative uses for mitres. Now in a horizontal format for easier browsing - and laughing!

  • Details

    Title: Revenge of the Flower Arrangers
    Author: Dave Walker
    ISBN: 9781786222312
    Publisher: Canterbury Press
    Date: 2019

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