Saints, Sinners and Goalposts

Saints, Sinners and Goalposts

  • All Saints East St Kilda is no ordinary church. Its building is the largest parish church in Australia, when measured by floor space. Visitors can be embarrassed by the nineteenth-century riches in its gem-like interior.

    For early Melbourne Anglicans, it was the diocese's leading 'high' church. From the beginning of the twenty-first century it has become a home to traditionalist Anglicans.

    Here, the story of the church community is told within the context of a growing and changing Melbourne, and most recently against the backdrop of cultural shifts at a national level.

  • Title: Saints, Sinners and Goalposts: a History of All Saints East St Kilda

    Author: Colin Holden

    ISBN: 9781921509261

    Publisher: Australian Scholarly Publishing

    Date: 2008