Say it to God

Say it to God

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    This is a book to help people to pray. Although it sometimes gives pointers on how to pray, the core message of the book is that we learn to pray by transforming everything into prayer. It is not about methods or techniques, but trusting that God is truly interested in everything that happens to us and wants to hear about it. Say it to God leads the reader into the theological aspects of prayer and how it relates to Christ, to the Holy Spirit and to the Church. This is done without using complex theological concepts but simply by utilising scriptural quotations. Chapters are kept brief intentionally to make the book suitable for daily reading over a couple of weeks.

    Our personal history can never become an obstacle to our access to God. On the contrary it is the springboard from which the desire of our hearts leaps beyond self to the infinity of the spiritual world. Luigi Gioia writes with eloquence about his own experience, which derives from reflection on the New Testament. This book will be an encouragement to all who feel the need to freshen their practice of prayer.

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    Title: Say it to God: In Search of Prayer Archbishop of Canterbury Lent Book 2018

    Author: Luigi Gioia

    ISBN: 9781472941756

    Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

    Date: 2017

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