Science and Christianity

Science and Christianity

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    Have you ever gazed into the night sky at the stars? Have you ever asked yourself questions that make you feel small and insignificant in the vastness of space and time? For thousands of years, humans have explored the world around us and been fascinated by the awesome marvels of the universe. We love to ask about how the natural world works.

    Inside Science and Christianity, you can embark on a journey of exploration into some of the most significant questions we can ask ourselves. Some of these are scientific questions about the wonders of the physical universe we find ourselves in. Other issues are philosophical and religious: they are concerned with the meaning and purpose of life on this dust-speck planet called Earth, which floats through an unimaginably vast cosmos.

    While Christianity and science have mostly been friends for a long, long time, the prospect of conflict has a long history, too. This book is about two of the most powerful cultural forces in the Western world, and the relationship between them.

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    Title:Science and Christianity
    Author: Chris Mulherin
    ISBN: 9781925073515
    Publisher: Garratt Publishing
    Date: 2019

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