Dorothee Soelle 'Silent Cry'

Dorothee Soelle 'Silent Cry'

  • Part 1 of this book 'What is Mysticism?' explores mysticism in major religious traditions and in traditional Christian figures, such as Meister Echhart. Part 2 'Places of Mystical Experience' tracks the sites of mystical experience. Finally, Part 3 'Mysticism is Resisitance' argues for the importance of mysticism inn countering the destructive elements of life. Soelle argues that religion in the third millenium will either be mystical or dead.

  • Condition: Excellent paperback.

    Title:  The Silent Cry    -   Mysticism and Resistance

    Author:  Dorothee Soelle

    ISBN:   9780800632663

    Publisher: Fortress Press

    Date: 2001