Tender: stories that lean into kindness

Tender: stories that lean into kindness


    In our world the short, quick, easily consumed—tweet, text, soundbite,post, clip, pic—dominates our awareness. Designers of social media seem intent on capturing our attention as often as possible in the shortest time available.But what if we are deeper, more mysterious, less easily manipulated than Facebook and Twitter would like us to be? What if there is more to us than this reductive ever-present commodification of ourselves allows?
    The beautiful stories that follow seem paradoxically to be perfectly tuned to our need for ‘short’—most of them are only a page and a half—and yet have the effect of slowing us down, stretching out our inner space for pondering, for meeting the world around us. The word ‘tender’, the word ‘kindness’,the gentleness of the word ‘lean’, are not common in public discourse. These subversive stories show us, without saying so, how desperately we need them.But more than that. They offer us, in a series of brilliantly crafted vignettes, a way of grasping what these words can mean across an extraordinary range of common human situations.


    Title: Tender: stories that lean into kindness
    Author: Julie Perrin
    ISBN: 9781925722192
    Publisher: MediaCom
    Date: 2019

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