The Apocalyptic Heart

The Apocalyptic Heart

  • Is the Book of Revelation the biblical book for the twentieth-first century due to the growing interest in apocalyptic? A fresh approach is needed to help access its symbolic mysteries. The Apocalyptic Heart takes its inspiration from the lived faith of refugee communities and the Orthodox Church and makes Revelation’s message of victory and the restoration of justice vital for today.

    'This book on Revelation, though well-grounded in current scholarship, familiar with the canons and principles of biblical interpretation, and meticulous throughout in explaining the historical and cultural background in which the text was produced, is not an academic exercise, but, primarily, a spiritual and reflective endeavour, grounded in a lived faith which informs it on almost every page.' 
    -Bradly Billings, The Melbourne Anglican

  • Title: The Apocalyptic Heart - The Book of Revelation in an Unjust World

    Author: Ron Browning

    ISBN: 9781925208887

    Publisher: Morning Star Publishing

    Year: 2015