The Art of Healing Prayer

The Art of Healing Prayer

  • The Art of Healing Prayer aims to help both clergy and laity to develop a greater understanding of those who come seeking healing, and to become skilled in praying for such people biblically, imaginatively and sensitively. 

    The authors recognize that this is a costly ministry, requiring counsellors to find time in their own often busy lives to guide others, and necessitating that they continue to be open to the gifts of God's grace. However, it is a ministry that often results in joy and transformation, as those healed from long standing inner woundedness become sources of goodness and healing for others.

  • Title: The Art of Healing Prayer: Bringing Christ's Wholeness to Broken People

    Author: Charles Ringma & Mary Dickau

    ISBN: 9780281060832

    Publisher: SPCK Publishing

    Date: 2015