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The Book of Common Courage

The Book of Common Courage

  • The Book of Common Courage is a collection of prayers, poems, and blessings to help you find a flicker of strength in the small and hard moments of life. 

    K. J. Ramsey invites you to journey word-by-word through Psalm 23 to experience how the Good Shepherd is with you and for you, especially in the valleys of life. When you struggle to find the words to hold your pain or trauma, be encouraged to cultivate the compassion and courage to believe that your story will, in fact, end in joy.

    Through this lyrical and emotive writing, you are invited to:

    • Surrender your anxiety and your tears to a faithful God
    • Validate your emotions and embrace them as the gift they are
    • Slow down and remember that good will come again
    • Replenish your soul with the life of Christ and the promises of God
    • Refresh your faith with a peace that lasts
    • Experience newfound confidence in prayer
    • Remember that even when pain is not past-tense, God is still present
  • Title: The Book of Common Courage: Prayers and Poems to Find Strength in Small Moments
    Author: K.J.Ramsey
    ISBN: 9780310461333
    Publisher: Zondervan
    Date: 2023

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