The Dark Side of the Soul

The Dark Side of the Soul

  • Human beings are neither intrinsically evil nor congenitally virtuous. More often than not things go wrong and people get hurt, not because evil is intended, but because it is difficult to be, and to do, good.

    In The Dark Side of the Soul, Stephen Cherry suggests that 'sin' is not an old-fashioned concept that serves only to raise a titter or a smirk, but an essential tool for self-understanding. He re-imagines the traditional Deadly Sins as 'hostile pleasures': tangled in our souls, these are the roots of the words and actions by which we let ourselves down and harm others.

    With some startling contemporary examples, he shows that many of the problems and predicaments that trouble us today can be better understood, and more effectively resolved, if their deeper roots are taken into account.

    Far from burdening people with guilt, 'sin' is a healthy and truthful word that can help to set us free.

  • TItle: The Dark Side of the Soul: An Insider's Guide to the Web of Sin

    Author: Stephen Cherry

    ISBN: 9781472900814

    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Date: 2016