The Heart in Pilgrimage (Hardback)


    This intelligent and richly resourced collection was drawn together by Professor Eamon Duffy. It brings together beautiful and memorable prayers and hymns from a wide range of sources.

    This is not a mere anthology of prayers, but rather a comprehensive guide to praying the big things of life and faith. It uses words with resonance and eloquence to convey a Catholic Christianity that stretches across Eastern and Western traditions, Orthodox as well as Latin Catholic. It offers guidance on the basics of the faith: how to prepare for confession, how to say the rosary, how to make the stations of the cross, material for saying morning and night prayers.

    This book is the result of Eamon Duffy's own deep devotional life throughout his distinguished academic career and will be deeply valued.


    Title: The Heart in Pilgrimage: A Prayerbook for Catholic Christians

    Author: Eamon Duffy

    ISBN: 9781408183991

    Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic

    Date: 2014