When Heaven and Earth Embrace

When Heaven and Earth Embrace

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    We can engage spiritually in an emerging Universe if we have a vision of the embrace of Heaven and Earth that is informed by contemporary science, if we underpin that with an ecotheology that recognises Heaven and Earth as interconnected while respecting their differences, and if we have an ecospiritual praxis that is open, attentive to and aware of divine presence in all that is.

    This vision has the potential to drive action for justice for Earth at a time when there is ecological devastation in our evolving cosmos. When Heaven and Earth Embrace takes as its starting point the Earth Link project which has been on this journey since 2000. It provides a rare and much needed integration of ecospirituality and Christian ecotheology, such that action for justice for Earth can be motivated and sustained. The enhanced principles that form the bulk of the book are both inspirational and practical. In addition, there are study/discussion guides for individual and group use.

    For those already inspired by the Journey of the Universe, this book is a necessary next step.

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    Title: When Heaven and Earth Embrace?
    Author: Mary Tinney
    ISBN: 9780648453888
    Publisher: Morning Star
    Date: 2019


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