When We Pray: The Future of Common Prayer

When We Pray: The Future of Common Prayer

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    The essays in this volume from liturgists in mainstream Christian churches in Australia and New Zealand gladly acknowledge that when we pray, we join with others.

    We share a history, a way of worshiping, often a common language and established forms, with authorised prayer books designed to retain the theological and liturgical emphases of the various churches.  Yet it is a subject that can divide as well as unite; with a variety of experiences, attitudes and aspirations, especially in a world where forms of worship are readily accessible from internet sources.

    If worship and prayer express what we believe, who authorises forms of worship; who determines the authenticity of liturgy; what principles underlie and surround how people of faith worship in formal gatherings?

    These are some of the issues that inform the essays in this practical and ecumenical resource.

    Contributors include: Stephen Burns, Robert Gribben, Peter Campbell, Stephen Platten, Charles Sherlock, Elizabeth Smith....


    Title: When We Pray: The future of common prayer
    Eds: Stephen Burns & Robert Gribben
    ISBN: 9780648725107
    Publisher: Coventry Press
    Date: 2020


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