Who Do You Say I Am?

Who Do You Say I Am?


    Christianity in the West is facing serious challenges to communicate its message of the Good News and its way of life. There needs to be a serious renewal that both incorporates the spiritual heritage of the past and is open to new horizons. Kevin Treston considers how the Traditional Christian Story needs to be complemented by a new story that situates God's revelation in Jesus as the Christ within the great story of the universe.


    In recent decades there has been a massive shift in global consciousness and scientific advances. Unless the Christ story is embedded within this consciousness, the Jesus story will tend to be marginalised. For the Church there is no time to delay. 



    Title: Who Do You Say I Am? The Christ Story in the Cosmic Context

    Author: Kevin Treston

    ISBN: 9780995381520

    Publisher: Morning Star Publishing 2016

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