Why Faith?

Why Faith?


    Why Faith? is an accessible resource for those seeking clarity on some of the big questions of the Catholic, Christian faith. Rather than presupposing deep theological interest or knowledge, it embraces the readers' confusions and struggles and assists them through some of the big questions of faith, addressing specific topics such as the nature of being human, the person of Jesus, being authentic in our faith, and doubt and despair.

    "The ideas and questions in this book have found inspiration from the conversations with students whom I've had the honour of teaching over the past six years... Put simply, this book has emerged from an environment where the value of religion has not been presumed, where the cherished doctrines of Christianity have had to be defended almost every day."  From the Introduction.



    Title: Why Faith? A Journey of Discovery
    Author: Matt Emerson
    ISBN: 9780809149414
    Publisher: Paulist Press
    Date:  2016


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