I want to thank you for the outstanding range of Christmas cards this year. As you know I have bought my Christmas cards from St Peter's Bookroom for many years, and in my opinion, you stock the best range of cards that give the true meaning of Christmas. I also love browsing in the Bookroom for unique gifts and books for my family. You and your staff are always most helpful and pleasant.  - John -

I love buying the most beautiful, special art cards at St Peter's Bookshop. The cards are exquisite and well-chosen for all occasions: birthdays, baptisms, Christmas, retirement, friendship, bereavement. The staff are always very helpful and it is a pleasure to relax quietly in the shop, read and browse. It is reminiscent of another time. - Judith -

I have been a devoted customer of the Bookroom since I discovered the wonderful secondhand book section of the store.  As a budget-conscious theological student, the shelves were full of interesting books, often with margin notes from previous owners, and the price was always spot on!  The secondhand bookshelves continue to be a source of great joy for me whenever I go to the Bookroom, as you never quite know what little gem will be sitting there waiting for you to discover it and take it home.  - Melissa -

The most beautiful art cards for all occasions, spiritual books, both classics and modern, lovely children's section, and treasures of second-hand reading.  - Susan -

Here, we find, a ministry not only to the Anglican communion but to wider communities of faith….. There is always a good range of books and a wide selection of new publications, whether covering spirituality, scripture, pastoral practice or other matters of interest. - Brother Lindsay, SAC -

St Peter’s Bookshop is conveniently located, close to the tram and Parliament Station.  It is a friendly place where I have been able to buy cards, beautiful handmade religiously themed gifts, occasional editions of ‘The Tablet’ and books that provide modern and informed perspectives on spiritual themes relevant to my life and the diverse challenges faced by a Christian living in today’s rapidly changing world.  The atmosphere is low key and congenial to quietly browsing.  - Craig -

I always like to visit St Peter's Bookroom when I am in the vicinity as it has such a great array of books, including the latest titles in spirituality and theology.  Often I only intend to browse but, confronted by so many books I would love to read, it's hard not to give in to temptation!  - Avrill -

The Bookroom constantly provides new titles in spirituality and theology, all in the one place that readers would not be aware of otherwise. It is informed and proactive about the literature. The benefits of a specialist place like the Bookroom are of inestimable value in a world where online shopping cannot replace a shop that knows its stock and its customers. Speaking as a theological librarian, the Bookroom is a regular source of the very best new titles. The secondhand collection is the best in Australia for religious books, with a steady turnover that meets the needs of a diverse readership. There is always something new on offer, as well as the surprise of the old. - Philip -

My most favourite church bookshop in Melbourne. What books do you recommend to me today? - Abp Philip Freier -

Countless are the times I have just  dropped in . Thus have I  found the right next book for my journey; the perfect gift for a soul friend; icons for devotions (as well as , sometimes, chocolates to sweeten an anticipated next meeting of rather tense people!) - Bp Philip Huggins -