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About Us

St Peter's Bookroom

St Peter's Bookroom is a tranquil setting within the busy city of Melbourne. It has a broad Anglican / Catholic ethos, providing high-quality religious books, gift cards and sanctuary supplies for clergy and the general public.

Parish owned

The Bookroom is parish-owned. St Peter's Church Eastern Hill is the Anglican parish church of the city of Melbourne. Governor Charles La Trobe laid the foundation stone in 1846.


Since the 19th Century, St Peter's has been deeply committed to social outreach and learning. This included opening a school in 1898 and the Bookroom in the 1930s.


The Bookroom was first opened as a small lending library, originally located in what is now a wee kitchen in the Sacristan's flat in Keble House. In 1998, it moved into a much larger space next to the Parish Hall on Gisborne Street - facing St Patrick's Cathedral. This is where we are today.

Friendly, informed staff

The Bookroom has a small team of friendly, informed staff. Our customers are important to us. Please feel free to contact us, if you have a question. We will answer your query. We always have time to help.

Life affirming

When you visit the Bookroom, you will find a calm, quiet place. The atmosphere is uplifting and life affirming. The contents, a reminder of a life that has beauty and depth - often overlooked in the fast pace of our modern world.    


I love buying the most beautiful, special art cards at St Peter's Bookshop. The cards are exquisite and well-chosen for all occasions. 
- Judith -

Bee Keepa Wraps

Countless are the times I have just  dropped in. Thus have I  found the right next book for my journey or the perfect gift for a soul friend.
- BP Philip Huggins -

The Holy Family

Here, we find, a ministry not only to the Anglican communion but to the wider communities of faith . . .  There is always a good range of books and a wide selection of new publications.

- Brother Lindsay, SAC -

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