Prayer for the earth

Dear Lord,

As we walk with our halting and faltering steps

seeking to live faithfully into Your world,

Help us bind closer into our-self all the

goodness that Your creation offers us.

May our feet tread lightly upon our shared home;

May our eyes see more clearly the gifts of Your world.

May we appreciate the uniqueness and

respect the integrity of of each living species.

May we grow in a balanced grace between

living in solitude, and coming together as Your people.

May distance from one another show us only how

inter-connected we are as children in the garden of life.

May those who experience loneliness, distress,

suffering at this time be knitted closer into

the restful embrace of Your loving Spirit.

May Your Peace be the voice of our togetherness.

Thank You for our lives and the full-some earth

You have given us to be our home. Thank You

for one another, for plants, animals, water, air, fire:

may we act wisely in taking care of our home and one another.