Being Human

Being Human

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    "…When we think about how we are to be silent before God, we’re faced with the ultimate paradox.  How do you try to stop trying?  And of course the only of doing it is not to try, that is why the way we use words and physical practices to settle ourselves become very important in living our way into deeper silence’ We want to “give God a chance” to happen where we are…" p102


    Based on talks given between 2009-2015, this collection of new essays by Rowan Williams asks questions like: What is consciousness? What is a person? And contemplates ideas such as faith and language, silence and human maturity.  The prose is beautifully clear and lucid, subtle and exploring.


    ‘…a rich and thought-provoking meditation….’ Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

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    Title: Being Human: Bodies, Minds, Persons

    Author: Rowan Williams

    ISBN: 978028107959

    Publisher: SPCK

    Date: 2018

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