Destiny and Passion

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    The story of Philip Strong has not been told before. At the age of 14 he had a mystical experience in Worcester Cathedral as a result of which he pledged his life to God and others. That pledge brought him a lifetime of adventure: in the trenches of France during World War I; among the destitute of northern England; being shot at by a Japanese sea-plane when war came to the shores of Papua; acclaimed as a hero in Australia; and serving as senior archbishop of the Anglican Church of Australia. His life shines a light onto a past-age, its values and ways of thinking. It asks us whether there is something in the way he, and others of his generation, chose to live that is worth recovering?

    'This is a deeply researched and higly readable biography. It is a wonderful book.' Dr David Wetherell

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    Title: The Destiny and Passion of Philip Nigel Warrington Strong
    Author: Jonathan Holland
    ISBN: 9780244182366
    Publisher: Lakeside Publishing
    Date: 2019