Divine Harmony

Divine Harmony

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    This book, written for a general Christian audience, explores the implications of belief in the dignity of each person as oriented to and fulfilled in community. This authentically Christian anthropology is in tension with the Western individualism that downplays the significance of communities as well as with the (more commonly Eastern) communalism that undervalues the rights of the person. Hence, an understanding of persons-in- community is counterintuitive to many today.


    The importance of this relational concept of the person is often unnoticed even though it is deeply rooted in the Bible, in essential Christian beliefs, and in Catholic ecclesial and sacramental practices.


    This book intends to provide a clear and concise presentation of the centrality to Christian faith of the belief that persons are inherently oriented to community;


    The author also argues that this concept of the person as relational contributes to a more fulfilling life and to a healthier society than the more common alternatives.

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    Title: Divine Harmony: Seeking Community in a Broken World

    Author: Mary Doak

    ISBN: 978089153275

    Publisher: Paulist

    Date: 2017

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