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Experiencing Friendship With God

Experiencing Friendship With God

  • In the wilderness of the soul, we can become more familiar with pain than progress and more acquainted with loneliness than companionship. But what if the purpose of our wandering is not to reach the Promised Land but to recognize that God is with us in the desert? 

    In Experiencing Friendship with God, Faith Eury Cho draws on Brother Lawrence's ancient wisdom about intimacy with God to help us know God's Presence more fully in today's complicated world. With practical ideas and stories from her own spiritual journey, Faith explores how to
    wrestle with the tension of believing in God even when we can't sense Him 
    - glean wisdom from Israel's journey in the wilderness
    -  understand what a life centered around God's Presence looks like
    - find tools to deepen our intimacy with God 
    - embrace the paradox of mystery and faith and of longing and hope

    If knowing the Presence of God is our greatest desire, then every season of our lives has significance-even the wilderness. In that barren land, we realize that the purpose of each moment is God Himself. 

    And when we do that, we will understand that we were never without Him after all.

  • Title: Experiencing Friendship With God How the Wilderness Draws Us to His Presence
    Author: Faith Eury Cho
    ISBN: 9780593445570
    Publisher: Waterbrook Press
    Date: 2023

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