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Friendly Guide to Jewish-Christian Relations

Friendly Guide to Jewish-Christian Relations


A rich, accessible and informative guide to understanding the intimate relationship that Christianity has to its sibling tradition, Judaism.

  • This Friendly Guide shows how Christianity began within Judaism. Jesus, born into Jewish culture of First Century Temple Judaism, lived and died as a Jew. Paul, who influenced the spread of what was to become Christianity was a Pharisee, and most of the New Testament was formed in a Jewish milieu. In time, and after the destruction of the Second Temple, two groups emerged. One became Rabbinic Judaism, the other Christianity.

    Mary Reaburn discusses in depth how the relationship between the two groups was complex, tracing how over time Christianity became aligned with the political power of the Roman Empire, and how Jews, who did not have the advantage of this political alignment, often suffered marginalisation and discrimination. Christianity became the dominant culture throughout the world, this anti-Jewish attitude worsened over the centuries and culminated as all Jewish people were targeted for deliberate genocide by the Nazi regime. Initially in Germany and then in wider Christian Europe, the horror of the Holocaust, the Shoah, was inflicted on European Jews.

    Since World War II the relationship has begun to improve. Many Churches have taken steps to develop closer relationships with Jews and Judaism. Jews have welcomed these changing relationships. The development of positive relations between Jews and Christians is important for both communities, as a sign that respect, understanding and co-operation can flourish between formerly conflicted peoples to make a better and more sustainable future for all.

    A Friendly Guide to Jewish-Christian Relations is a must for all who wish to understand the history and be part of the future in the relationship between Jews and Christians.

  • Title: A Friendly Guide to Jewish-Christian Relations
    Author: Mary Reaburn, NDS
    ISBN: 9781922484628
    Publisher: Garratt
    Year: 2024

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