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Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel



CARDS: Printery House, US


SIZE: 11cm X 15cm

Includes Envelope

  • Information on the back of the card:


    Angels have always been popular in iconography because of the many references to these creatures in the Scriptures. This guardian angel image by Sr. Paula Kiersey, OCSO, was modelled on an icon of the Archangel Gabriel. It is similar to those which appear on the iconstasis of every Orthodox church.

    The genderless appearance of the face and hair remind us that these are spiritual beings, not human persons, and their anonymity indicates the sheer multitude of God’s heavenly attendants. No attempt is made to present wings in a realistic fashion since their purpose is only to point to the supernatural origin of these creatures. Curls appear in the angel’s hair, symbolizing the eternal ebb and flow of time ordered by God. A tiara is positioned in the hair just above the forehead which is secured by ribbons that are visible at the sides of the head. While most guardian angel icons depict a figure clothed in white to denote the eternal light of heaven, this angel wears purple and green. In the East, green is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, and indicates the springtime of the Spirit that “blows where it will”. It also represents the vigilance of God’s hosts for us. Purpose is the color of authority and power.

    The scroll in the angel’s hand shows one of the scripture passages that give rise to the belief that God’s angels watch over us at all times. It is a quotation from Psalm 91:11, “God has given his angels charge over you to guard you in all your ways”.

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