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Hope and the Nearness of God

Hope and the Nearness of God

  • This book was released too late to feature for Lent 2022. We are threfore featuring it now.

    It is a book about hope, which the author argues is central to the meaning of Lent and in turn of Easter. Hope, quite different from optimism, is the most precious spiritual gift. We are surrounded by so many desolate, unhappy, hurting people. They need hope. This is not simply confidence in the future, but confidence that the past, present and future are held in God's hands and that God, in his providence, never abandons us.

    Hope means to take the next step on the untidy human journey as we discern the 'footprints of God in creation'. It is the realistic way of perceiving the scope of our real human possibilities. Implying courage and patience, it accepts there are things that we cannot change; encourages living constructively in the face of disappointment and discouragement.

  • Title:Hope and the Nearness of GodThe 2022 Lent Book
    Author: Teresa White
    ISBN: 9781472984197
    Publisher: Bloomsbury Continuum
    Date: 2022

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