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In Touch With God

In Touch With God


Advent Meditations on Biblical Prayers

  • ‘This thought-provoking book will help each of us to deepen our knowledge of God and our relationship with him during our Advent journey.’ Archbishop John Sentamu

    Make this Advent a time to refresh and enhance your spiritual life by reflecting on some of the greatest prayers in the Bible and the people who prayed them.

    Abraham, Moses, Hannah, David, Isaiah, Mary . . . This sequence of twenty-five inspiring meditations looks at how our forebears in faith turned to God, both in times of trouble and times of joy and celebration.

    Written by two popular Christian authors, these deeply prayerful reflections on Scripture will help you get in closer touch with God throughout this Advent season and beyond into the year ahead.

  • Title: In Touch With God
    Author: Michael Green and Rosemary Green
    ISBN: 9780281078127
    Publisher: Garratt Publishing
    Year: 2017

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