Jesus: A Very Brief History

Jesus: A Very Brief History

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    Short, accessible introduction to the historical Jesus and his continuing influence on the world and how we understand it.


    Jesus: A Very Brief History is the first in our brand new Very Brief History series, short, accessible paperback introductions to key figures of world history.


    Part One: The History (What do we know?)
    This brief historical introduction to Jesus assesses his impact on the world as it was at the time and outlines the key ideas and values connected with him. It explores the social, political and religious factors that formed the context of his life and teaching, and considers how those factors affected the way he was initially received.


    Part Two: The Legacy (Why does it matter?)
    This second part surveys the intellectual and cultural ‘afterlife’ of Jesus, exploring the ways in which his impact has lasted. Why does he continue to be so influential, and what aspects of his legacy are likely to endure beyond today and into the future?

    The book has a brief chronology at the front plus a glossary of key terms and a list of further reading at the back.

  • Details

    Title: Jesus: A Very Brief History

    Author: Helen Bond

    ISBN: 9780281075997

    Publisher: SPCK

    Date: 217

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