Morning Homilies II

Morning Homilies II


    'Since Pope Francis’s election, I have read his beautiful morning homilies, and their publication is something I've long been anticipating. These homilies—clear, brief, wise, often funny and always grounded in experience, are my favorite of all of the pope's talks and writings. It never fails to astonish how Pope Francis can find something new in these familiar Bible passages, and I hope that his surprising insights will lead you deeper into Scripture and help you encounter God in a new way. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.'
    James Martin, S.J.

    Each morning when Pope Francis celebrates Mass he offers a short homily for fellow residents and guests in the chapel of St. Martha’s Guesthouse, where he has chosen to live. Now, Morning Homilies makes it possible for everyone to experience his lively interpretations of Scripture and his uncanny capacity to engage his listeners, capturing the tenor of daily life.

    Francis reflects on the disciples on the road to Emmaus, 'simmering their lives in the sauce of their grumbling'; urges Christians to face daily life 'ready, like the goalkeeper of a football team, to stop the ball wherever it comes from'; and notes our habit of 'going to confession like going to the dry cleaners' as well as the 'holy picture face' which we put on to conceal our own sinfulness.

    Even more important than these memorable images are the themes that arise again and again in the Pope’s preaching: the importance of mercy and forgiveness; the role of Jesus as Savior; the dangers of a church closed in on itself; and the gospel as an unfailing source of life and joy that Christians are called to share.


    Title: Morning Homilies II

    Author: Pope Francis

    ISBN: 9781626981478

    Publisher: Orbis Books

    Year: 2015

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