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Mother of Tenderness

Mother of Tenderness


Inside: Blank

Publisher: Printery House, US

Code: WCA5147

Size: 11cm X 15cm

Includes Envelope


  • Information on the back of the card:


    There are many variations on the theme of the Mother of God and the Child Jesus in iconography. This image by Sr. Regina Krushen, O.S.B. is based on a 16th century model, but is unique in its emphasis on the spiritual relationship of trust between Mary and Christ. Mary and the child Jesus touch cheek to cheek. An unusual aspect of this icon is that instead of the usual gesture of adoration with one hand, Mary embraces the child with both hands. This emphasizes the intimate nature of their relationship. Though full of tenderness, the image is free of sentimentality. Jesus’ sober gaze is directed at us as he clings tightly to his mother for safety. Although Jesus is God, he is also human and rightly afraid of the suffering and death he is to undergo. The countenance of Mary is distant and slightly melancholy, looking past the child and the viewer, as if she might already see the events of Golgotha.

    This icon invites us to contemplate two aspects of our lives: the profound love available to us in our relationship with God, and the reality of suffering. Jesus has no misgivings about the death he is to endure. And Mary is equally cognizant of its inevitability: at the Presentation in the Temple Simeon had told her, “. . . a sword will pierce your own soul too” (Luke 2:35). But the security Jesus knows in the love of both God and his Mother will ultimately prevail. Death will be defeated, and we too are offered this intense and tender relationship with God and his Mother.

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