New Scapegoats

New Scapegoats


    In common with other Australian churches, the Anglican Church of Australia has been rightly shamed for its negligent response to sexual abuse perpetrated within its ranks. It has apologised profusely, and committed itself to preventing future abuse.

    In the process, however, it has adopted draconian new measures to regulate its clergy, in part to rebuild is shattered reputation by appearing tough on every aspect of their lives. Many Anglican clergy, innocent of any abusive behaviour, now nevertheless feel anxious and intimidated.

    This study, by a prominent laywoman, lifts the veil on this hidden outcome, and pleads for a more caring, considered approach.


    Title: New Scapegoats: The clergy victims of the Anglican Church sexual abuse crisis

    Author: Muriel Porter

    ISBN: 9780987619358

    Publisher: Morning Star

    Date: 2017

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