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Ocean of Light

Ocean of Light

  • This book speaks both to those who are beginning to explore the contemplative path and those who are well versed in contemplative practices. Laird reflects on the Christian tradition as a means of support, encouragement, and guidance through the contemplative life.


    Laird draws from a wide and diverse range of writers – from St Augustine, Evagrius Ponticus, and St Teresa of Avila, to David Foster Wallace, Flannery O'Connor,Virginia Woolf, and Franz Wright- to ground his insight in an ancient practice and give it a voice in contemporary language. With his characteristic lyricism and gentleness, he guides readers through new challenges of contemplative life, such as making ourselves the focus of our own contemplative project; dealing with old pain; transforming the isolation of loneliness and depression into a liberating solidarity with all who suffer; and the danger of using a spiritual practice as a strategy to acquire and control.


    Martin Laird is Professor of Early Christian Studies at Villanova University and has written several books on early Christian thought and Christian contemplative life.


  • Title: An Ocean of Light

    Author: Martin Laird

    ISBN: 9780199379941

    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Date: 2019

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