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Once and Future Bible

Once and Future Bible

  • The ancient texts of the Bible come from another world and another time, but they can serve as maps for the journey of life. 

    Religious progressives are people who live the questions, not dodge them. Our task is not to guard a set of traditional answers, but to live life boldly, taking risks for God's sake and our own. One of the hallmarks of this book is that the problems posed by the Bible are acknowledged. In particular, the contributions of recent critical scholarship are embraced, rather than being ignored or neutralised by pious ambivalence.

    The intended reader of this book is not a traditional believer, secure in assumptions about God and salvation, but someone struggling to live with integrity in a time when traditional religion seems increasingly irrelevant. The goal is not to persuade the reader that the Bible is credible but - more modestly - to offer an account of the Bible that may encourage religious progressives to reclaim the Bible as a valued part of our spiritual baggage.


  • Title: Once and Future Bible An Introduction to the Bible for Reigious Progressives
    Author: Gregory C. Jenkins
    ISBN: 9781608999613
    Publisher: WIPF and Stock
    Date: 2011

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