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Passions of the Soul by Rowan Williams

Passions of the Soul



  • The Eastern Christian tradition is filled with theological and spiritual riches.
    In Passions of the Soul, Rowan Williams opens up the great classics of Eastern Christian writing to show how it can help us to understand and cope with the ups and downs of modern life.
    With compelling and illuminating insight, he shows the cost of living in a culture that is theologically and philosophically undernourished, working with a diminished and trivialized picture of the human self. The Eastern tradition teaches us how to develop our self-knowledge and awareness, so that we can relate to the world without selfish illusions. Only then can we be ready for our eyes to be opened to God, and avoid destructive patterns of behaviour.
    Only in this way can we understand the kind of people we need to become.

  • Title: Passions of the Soul
    Author: Rowan Williams
    ISBN: 9781399415682
    Publisher: Bloomsbury
    Year: 2024

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