Pillow For My Heart

Pillow For My Heart

  • Verna A Holyhead is a retreat leader and author whose collection rightly assumes that there is no one experience of grief. Raw grief is one of the most searing emotions and we all grieve in our own unique way.


    This book of carefully chosen quotations and commentary offers words that can mingle with our tears and, perhaps, help them flow more gently and freely during the days after a death.


    It is the expression of the old Christian tradition of the 'month's mind' – of the mindfulness of the life and death of a loved one which is so necessary in the days of raw grief. Some of the offerings are brief, some longer; some of the words are the privileged biblical words of God or the words of other Christians and people of various faith traditions.

  • Title: A Pillow for my Heart

    Author: Verna A Holyhead SGS

    ISBN: 9781925073577

    Publisher: Garratt Publishing

    Date: 2018