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Sundays Under the Southern Cross

Sundays Under the Southern Cross

  • In Sunday under the Southern Cross, Mary Coloe's contemporary gospel reflections offer readers thoughtful introductions to the Sunday gospels for for Years A, B and C and additional Solemnities and Feasts of the Australian Church year.

    Mary reflects on the historical context in which the authors for each year – Matthew, Mark and Luke – were writing and extends a warm invitation to a greater intimacy with Jesus through knowledge and understanding. Her interpretation of the gospel messages place them in a modern Australian context, making this book an excellent resource for personal use, as well as for groups in schools and parishes.

  • Title: Sundays Under the Southern Cross: Years A, B and C - Revised Edition
    Author: Mary L. Coloe
    ISBN: 9781922484635
    Publisher: Garratt Publishing
    Year: 2023

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